People we look for

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People we look for

Post  Admin on Fri Sep 26, 2008 7:14 am

To expand our network we seek for following people:

1. Insiders - you remain in your corp and alliance and you have access on our currently needed information and u deliver them if u can. You get payed for each accurate information delivered. You can take part in missions, such as sabotages or thefts and after this if you are compromised you are guaranteed a post in the corp and monthly wage.

2. Operators are the people hired by corporation and they are members of the corporation. Each operator has a monthly wage and is payed bonus per mission accomplished. Missions are usually spy the area and gather information and write report. Also you can make your own network of informants and deliver info's. There are some special missions in which u can take part. Also operators have levels of access to other information gathered by corp. And many other benefits which spy life provide.


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